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BioEcho believes that even the most routine molecular biology protocols can be improved. By searching for novel ideas providing clear advantages over conventional methodology, BioEcho aims to develop innovative products that drastically improve the quality, convenience and speed of standard molecular biology protocols in areas such as genomics, transcriptomics, next generation sequencing, biobanking, forensics, pathology, veterinary and food research, as well as industrial, medical and academic research. The BioEcho team is not satisfied with just developing superior products. We are committed to encouraging ecological responsibility by proving that plastic waste can be reduced, packaging materials can be recyclable and the use of hazardous materials can be minimized — without drastically increasing the price. Our management and development teams have decades of experience at the cutting-edge of biotechnology. Our expertise and passion drive us to stay at least one step ahead of the conventional technology and ensure you get the quality you need at a fair price.

BioEcho does Innovative Research – Always be one step ahead with BioEcho!


In-licensing: BioEcho strives to revive innovation in the kit-consumable arena through our own developments as well as constantly screening for innovative ideas for in-licensing. Most inspiration and novel ideas for improving protocols and methods come directly from the lab. If you have new concepts, reagents, protocols and technologies that could fit into BioEcho's portfolio or an unmet need for a product that is not available, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss solutions and potential royalty-based agreements:

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