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Extraction of genomic material (nucleic acids: DNA, RNA) is a base technology applied in many ways in modern Life Sciences and Biotech, such as diagnosis of inherited and acquired diseases (cancer, infection), therapy accompanying (companion) diagnostics, genome research, forensics, and food testing. The market and the number of applications as well as the sample throughput are growing extremely fast. The mode of extraction and purification, i. e. the purity of the prepared DNA, determines the quality of downstream operations (PCR, NGS, other enzymatic manipulations) and its results as well as the speed and throughput of the entire processes.

Facing these challenges, BioEcho has developed a new base technology that fulfills all these demands of a state-of-the-art medical and research practice: a single-step purification that enables dramatically faster sample processing and delivers genomic DNA preparations in a purity that has never been reached before. And it's ecologically responsible, too! Works without aggressive chemicals and reduces plastic waste dramatically.

Now, our first products based on this single-step technology are available - and many more are to come in the near future.

We strongly believe that our arguments will convince you:

BioEcho is about to close its first financing round. As one of the components, we have recently launched a crowd investing initiative with our platform partner medifundo ( The campaign is now open for your participation (see link below). A selection of some of the technical aspects has been liested above. Here are a few more reasons why an investment into BioEcho may be attractive to you:

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Investor Relations

BioEcho is currently funded by

  • The team of founders
  • Private investors
  • New: ongoing crowd investing campaign on medifundo - the first German platform specialized on crowd-based fundraising for Start-ups in the Life Sciences and Biotechnology industry.

To explore further investment opportunities, please contact us at!

Business Angel investors receive a 20% tax-free refund of investments into BioEcho!
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Dr. Frank Schäfer and Dr. Markus Müller

A look into the future:
The BioEcho management, Dr. Frank Schäfer and Dr. Markus Müller

high yield and speed of process

Our data speak for themselves:
high yield and speed of process

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