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EchoLUTION 96 for High-throughput applications – reliable Genotyping results

Highly pure genomic DNA for accurate PCR and NGS results

The EchoLUTION technology for isolation of genomic DNA combines a sample-specific lysis with a high-speed purification in convenient spin or 96-well formats

No inhibitors left - more sensitive and accurate detection

Inhibitors from commonly used extraction methods like chaotropic reagents or ethanol and other organic solvents, are frequently the cause for compromised or even false results in PCR-based applications or NGS. The simplicity, speed and efficiency of the EchoLUTION workflow represent a clear improvement compared to the current state of the artmethods of DNA isolation. The extracted DNA is free of any contaminants and enzyme inhibitors. It is qualified for all downstream applications, particularly those that need high accuracy and sensitivity. The figure below shows a typical isolation result: DNA extracted from 8 different animal tissue types using the EchoLUTION Tissue 96-well DNA Kit is obtained in high amounts and concentration within only 45 minutes. The overall low Cts of the qPCR reactions of all samples reflect the high reproducibility and detection sensitivity (see table).

PCR results

Molecular breeding with precision

For a molecular breeding project, various vegetables and fruits need to be purified in sufficient amounts with reliably high purity for later detection in qPCR or NGS. The data below, kindly provided by a Molecular Breeding Company (The Netherlands), show 8 different leaf tissues (4 samples each) from the indicated origin. The OD-based purity indicators are both in the optimal range.

PCR results

Use EchoLUTION 96-well for your Molecular Breeding or Genotyping projects!

Scientists frequently notice lowered sensitivity or accuracy with enzyme-dependent analyses such as real-time PCR, when relying on common Silica bind-wash-elute or crude reverse purification methods. These observations are often caused by remaining inhibiting molecules (e.g., salt or ethanol) carried over from the isolation process, also frequently combined with low quantities of DNA. EchoLUTION 96-purified DNA easily outperforms the experimental outcome obtained with DNA extracted using current methods, high-throughput projects are accomplished earlier and can be planned with more precision.

Different starting material

The EchoLUTION DNA 96 extraction method combines the proprietary TurboLyseTM lysis technology followed by a one-step isolation process. Select from a range of products in either spin column or 96-well plate format.

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The EchoLUTION DNA 96 extraction method combines the novel TurboLyseTM lysis technology with a unique single-step purification process.
Choose from a range of products in either single-spin column format or 96-well plate format.
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