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We at BioEcho Life Sciences strive to develop excellent technologies for genomic sample preparation and products that simplify molecular biology workflows significantly and exceed the expectations of our partners and customers.
We are proud to share their feedback and look forward to fruitful cooperations with you!

Evelina Satzinger, Molecular Biologist, Klinikum Fürth, Germany:

“I enjoy ordering products much more when the company cares about our environment. So I was very pleased to learn that BioEcho reduces product packaging and uses sustainable materials wherever possible.”

Dr. Thomas Brodegger, MEDILYS Laborgesellschaft mbH, human medical diagnostics laboratory, Hamburg, Germany

„Since the beginning of the pandemic phase of SARS-CoV-2, screening PCR tests for the virus have been carried out in our laboratory before patients are admitted to clinics. Fast results are therefore essential for patient management to avoid outbreaks. With the EchoLUTION viral RNA/DNA swab kit from BioEcho in combination with a fast PCR assay, we can process a large number of samples in a short time. Standard laboratory equipment can be used for processing. This makes it easy to establish the method in the laboratory.“

Dr. Christos Shammas, Director of Bioanalysis, Limassol, Cyprus

“Tourism is such an important industry for Cyprus and our laboratories must be as efficient as possible to deal with the huge numbers of passengers that visit our island every year. Thanks to the innovative extraction system of BioEcho, we have been able to eliminate bottlenecks at peak times and increase the overall efficiency of our COVID-19 PCR testing operations in a cost-effective manner without compromising the quality of our results.”

Jérôme Morinière (CEO) & Dr. René Tänzler (CTO), Advanced Identification Methods – AIM GmbH, Munich, Germany
„We at Advanced Identification Methods (AIM) are specialized on the analyses of the biodiversity of our environment using genomic methods. E. g., we analyze bulk samples deriving from insect traps, mixed plant, wood and soil samples by extracting the total DNA from the biological samples and a subsequent identification of individuals present by DNA metabarcoding. We have thoroughly tested BioEcho’s EchoLUTION DNA extractions kits for animal tissue and plant materials and use these very successfully in our routine workflows. Besides the technical reliability of the kits, we like BioEcho’s sustainability approach a lot. Using their kits, we save a lot of plastic waste and don’t have any hazardous liquid waste any more!”

Eva Gertman, , Carlsberg Research Laboratory, Copenhagen, Denmark

"We have tested and have very good experiences with BioEcho’s Plant 96 kit. The consumption of plastic is less and the extraction process is faster and simpler than before on our Cybio-Felix robot. We have had a really good collaboration with BioEcho and their local distributor Kem-En-Tec Nordic, who have been very flexible and helpful with the setup and automation process.”

John Robert Davis, PhD, PostDoc Apoptosis and Proliferation Control Laboratory, The Francis Crick Institute, London, UK

„I used the EchoLUTION CellCulture DNA Kit for extraction of genomic DNA from mammalian cells in culture and it was quick and I obtained higher yields than with the Qiagen kit we use. I have performed a load of PCRs on the gDNA and all working fine. Great kit and will use again!”

Dr. Heiko Petersen, Labor Dr. Fenner und Kollegen, human-medicine and diagnostic laboratory, Hamburg, Germany

„In our routine viral and bacterial infectious diseases diagnostics, we see inhibition in our PCR assay with DNA and RNA preparations from time to time, e. g., when isolated from patient stool samples. In these cases, we very successfully use BioEcho’s EchoCLEAN DNA or RNA CleanUp kits to recover PCR detection. EchoCLEAN works perfectly well for removal of inhibitors that seem to co-purify with traditional extraction methods.”

Jim Gardner, University of Edinburgh

„We are using BioEcho’s Tissue DNA Micro kit successfully and on a regular basis for DNA isolation from fish tissue samples.”

Dr. Joachim Schorr, Managing Director JS Consulting; Biotech Executive with various leading European and US Biotech companies

„BioEcho’s approach for faster, simpler and more sustainable processes for the extraction of nucleic acids provides the option for a significantly increased sample throughput. The simplification of the workflow, the gain in detection sensitivity and the corresponding overall cost reduction has the potential to set a new standard in the field of genomic sample preparation, including automated processes. I know and appreciate the management of BioEcho Life Sciences from many years of close cooperation at Qiagen and I strongly believe that the team can significantly contribute to improvements in future molecular diagnostics systems.“

Wieland Fahr, Laboratory of Prof. Dr. Stefan Dübel, Department for Biotechnology, Technische Universität Braunschweig, (Germany)

„We used BioEcho’s EchoLUTION kits Tissue DNA Micro and CellCulture DNA for extraction of genomic DNA from cultured cells and from fresh and stabilized human tissue. Both kits impressed with their simplicity, speed and with stable and reproducible yields. Purified DNA could immediately be used for downstream applications such as PCR. With the CellCulture DNA Kit, we were also able to isolate plasmid DNA from eukaryotic cells for efficient subsequent transformation of E. coli.“
Application note:
Extraction of genomic and plasmid DNA from mammalian cells

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