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    Single-Step Nucleic Acid Extraction

Discover EchoLUTION

Are you tired of lengthy DNA/RNA extraction protocols with numerous steps?  

Do you observe low sensitivity and even drop-outs in your downstream analysis? 

You want to be more sustainable in your laboratory routine or research? 

Turn the World Upside Down

At BioEcho, we question established routines and break with conventions.
This is how we foster innovation
 and enter new grounds.

There are two main reasons why results as well as nucleic acid quality of today´s
 common silica-based preparations can be poor:

1. Incomplete lysis of cells and

2. Harsh, non-physiological purification conditions resulting in carry-over of organic solvents or salts

“Surprisingly easy!”

Our patent-pending EchoLUTION technology overcomes the limitations 
of commonly used nucleic acid extraction methods:

Products are available for various sample types

1. Sample lysis and transfer:

Since the initial lysis step takes place under physiological conditions, the enzyme activity of proteases in general is increased, resulting in a high extraction efficiency in a fraction of the time with other methods.

2. Single-step purification:

Nucleic acids pass through the purification matrix without interaction, while impurities are held back and completely removed

The result: 
Ready-to-use inhibitor-free nucleic acid 

With EchoLUTION you will:

Shorten time to result:

Drastically reduced time required compared to conventional kits

  • Significantly fewer steps
  • Extraction typically is one minute of centrifugation – done

Increase yield and purity:

Higher yield and recovery than other kit technologies

  • Aqueous, physiological conditions lead to purified nucleic acids free of inhibitors
  • Exceptionally efficient and gentle lysis followed by a unique single-step purification method
  • More sensitive and reliable downstream applications

Streamline workflows:

Reduction of procedural steps compared to conventional kits

  • Short and convenient: Protocols are up to 3x faster than common silica-based methods
  • Spin columns and multi-well formats as well as automated protocols available

Reduce costs:

Dramatically reduced consumable costs and labor than with other methods

  • Reduced number of working steps and less hands-on time
  • Fewer accessory consumables and packaging plastics: 90 % less disposable costs for your lab waste!
  • Frees up to 80 % shelf space in the lab

Be more sustainable:

Reduced environmental burden

  • 70 % less plastics consumption means 70 % less waste
  • No ecologically problematic or hazardous reagents
  • Plastic-free packaging, less transportation weight, smaller CO2 footprint

Sustainability is in our DNA:

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle with EchoLUTION

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