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  • BioEcho - DNA extraction kits BioEcho - DNA extraction kits for high DNA yield
  • BioEcho - DNA extraction kits for better PCR results in 69-well format
  • BioEcho - DNA extraction kits for better PCR results
  • BioEcho - High Yield Blood DNA extraction kits
  • BioEcho - Inhibitor-free Plant DNA extraction kits
  • New EchoCLEAN CleanUp Kits: Complete removal of Phenol/Trizol/Ethanol traces from RNA or genomic DNA

The EchoLUTION technology: Better PCR results through single-step DNA extraction

Any analysis of DNA requires purification by separation of the DNA from contaminants derived from the biological sample. Commonly used extraction methods, however, rely on chemical substances that frequently re-contaminate the DNA and inhibit downstream processes such as PCR. The problematic reagents used in these purification methods include chaotrophic salts, alcohols and phenol.

BioEcho: inhibitor-free DNA purification process

BioEcho follows a completely new approach: based on the principle of reverse chromatography, the DNA remains untouched and doesn’t have to bind. The technology works under native conditions – potential inhibitory process reagents are not in use and, thus, don’t have to be removed. Any unwanted sample-derived contaminant is bound and eliminated by the column. The result is pure DNA by only one centrifugtion step. By means of this simplified procedure, you get an absolutly inhibitor-free PCR template.
Click here and figure out how the EchoLUTION single-step method works!

Application note

Extraction of genomic and plasmid DNA from mammalian cells

The complete BioEcho portfolio

BioEcho's products are suited for multiple areas of biotechnology, including genomics, transcriptomics, next generation sequencing, biobanking, forensics, pathology, veterinary, food research, as well as industrial, medical and academic research.

Trademarks: BioEcho; EchoCLEANTM (BioEcho Life Sciences GmbH; Germany); TRIzolTM (Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.; USA)
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Inhibitor-free DNA now in 96-well Formats
EchoLUTION DNA 96 Extraction Kits for your high-throughput applications now available.
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BioEcho demonstrates the fastest and most simplified spin column loading:

BioEcho - the fastest and most simplified spin column loading

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