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EchoCLEAN — innovative single-step cleanup kits for a variety of samples and applications

BioEcho has developed a series of unique EchoCLEAN cleanup kits that combine selected reversed chromatography resins to capture contaminants, inhibitors and enzymes present in nucleic acid samples. In a single centrifugation step, nucleic acids of superior purity are obtained that are ready-to-use for all downstream applications.

EchoCLEAN kits not only offer a drastically reduced processing time and very little handling, but also deliver >95% recovery of the target nucleic acid. This is in clear contrast to most other products available on the market, such as silica-based products, which loose 20–30% of the nucleic acid during the bind– wash–elute procedure.



Ecological responsibility

BioEcho also offers products for the purification of genomic DNA from various samples. Please visit the nucleic acid extraction section to find out more about our EchoLUTION product line.

Coming soon in formats for RNA and plasmid as well as high-throughput.

NOTE: BioEcho kits are not for in vitro diagnostic use

EchoCLEAN nucleic acid cleanup kits

Trademarks: BioEcho; EchoCLEANTM (BioEcho Life Sciences GmbH; Germany); TRIzolTM (Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.; USA)
EchoCLEAN DNA / RNA Cleanup Kits

EchoCLEAN DNA / RNA Cleanup Kits

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