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EchoLUTION - DNA Extraction Kits

For years, the quality, speed and convenience of conventional DNA extraction has remained the same. However, at BioEcho, we believe that even the most routine molecular biology protocols can be improved. To address this goal, BioEcho scientists have developed the EchoLUTION product line in spin or 96-well formats, a series of innovative kits for the single-step extraction of DNA from various sample types. Reverse chromatography, in which contaminants are efficiently adsorbed, allows the target DNA to flow through the column. After the efficient lysis of the sample, only one short centrifugation step is required for outstanding results.

EchoLUTION single-step DNA purification offers you the following advantages:



Ecological responsibility

Fair price

Discover the advantages of the next generation of DNA purification and try EchoLUTION!

BioEcho will launch EchoLUTION products for RNA and bacteria soon. For cleanup of DNA using the same superior technology, see our EchoCLEAN cleanup kits.

NOTE: BioEcho kits are not for in vitro diagnostic use.

EchoLUTION DNA extraction kit

The EchoLUTION Tissue DNA Kit

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