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Bioecho's Technological Solutions - Unthinkable Until Recently

With in-depth expertise and excellent R&D know-how and experience as for the isolation and processing of DNA and RNA, BioEcho has developed a break- through technology for the field of genomic sample preparation, an area where innovation hasn't been seen for decades.
BioEcho's objective is nothing less than to overcome the limitations of common methods in molecular diagnostics and molecular biology. Applying their single- step technologies, BioEcho paves the way for future nucleic acid isolation & analyses as well as novel approaches in genomic research and molecular diagnostics. By searching for novel ideas providing clear advantages over conventional methodology, BioEcho aims to develop innovative products that radically improve the quality, convenience and speed of molecular biology processes. And, thus, become a market leader in Genomic Sample Preparation technologies and kits.
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Bioecho The Pioneer In Sustainability In Molecular Biology

BioEcho is consistently committed to encouraging ecological responsibility. Sustainability, environmental compatibility and user health have been a focus of BioEcho since the moment of its foundation.
BioEcho aims to establish processes and provides an environment that is entirely committed to sustainability. Therefore, BioEcho Life Sciences without doubt is the pioneer company to introduce sustainability to modern molecular biology labs. This is increasingly recognized by our customers and yielded in the Innovations Gallery Award for BioEcho at Lab | Innovations' 2019 trade fair in Birmingham, UK.
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What Are The Distinguishing Qualities - Why Is It Worth Becoming Part Of BioEcho?

A dynamic, open and collaborative corporate culture, professional and motivated colleagues with a work climate that reflects our common goal combined with our technological leadership are the distinguishing qualities of BioEcho Life Sciences.
What you can expect, when you join the BioEcho team is teamwork filled with life and mutual respect as well as recognition of your individual efforts and achievements.
Regardless of the area you work in at BioEcho, you always have a challenging role with remarkable creative leeway and unlimited opportunities to gain new skills, knowledge and experience.
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Rewards And Benefits You Can Expect

BioEcho aims to encourage, support and recognize the excellent performance and behavior of each of the employees.
The state-of-the-art compensation policy is dynamic and performance-based and applies to all employees. Fostering an even work-life balance for all of our employees is part of our corporate culture. So, we recognize that our employees have lives away from BioEcho and thus support work structures that help to balance private and work life. In this context, we support part-time work models. We are convinced that part-time work is possible at all levels of the organization, that's why BioEcho offers this option to all of its employees. A Time Clock mindset is not what we expect from our employees and also does not meet the principles of BioEcho. Flexible working hours ensure a better balance between professional and private interests and they also fit perfectly with the constantly changing requirements that BioEcho faces. We offer a range of further benefits for our employees such as the opportunity to work from home office. We are particularly proud of 'our' dog Avril, who regularly comes to the office and makes everyone of us happy.
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Career Development Opportunities

BioEcho aims to encourage, support and recognize the excellent performance and behavior of each of the employees.
Since BioEcho is looking forward to strong growth in the coming years, we recognize that it is essential that all of our employees need to grow, too. For this reason, we invest in development options and programs to build skills and unlock the talent of our people. Without exception, all of our employees are highly qualified and highly motivated and we make every effort to ensure that every individual has the opportunity to expand his/her capabilities, to develop further, professionally and personally.
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