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BioEcho Technologies: Sustainability coming with Significant Saving Potential

Sustainability, environmental compatibility and user health have been a focus of BioEcho since the moment of its foundation in 2016; even before the climate protection movement has become stronger and before the need to increasingly take care of sustainability has become so obvious and present in the media as it is today. Therefore, we see BioEcho Life Sciences as the pioneer company to introduce sustainability to modern molecular biology.

Beneficial for the Environment & Beneficial for You!

Reduced environmental burden:

Cost and Space Savings:

70 % less Plastics – no Harmful Chemicals

The EchoLUTION nucleic acid extraction kits dramatically reduce the number of working steps for the user and, consequently, the amount of accessory consumables. This allows BioEcho to reduce the consumption of laboratory and packaging plastics by 70% compared to traditional Silica bind-wash-elute products (see picture).

Plastic consumption comparison. 50 DNA preparations each (purified with EchoLUTION Tissue DNA Micro Kit (right) and the corresponding Silica Based Kit from Supplier Q (left)), were performed following the suppliers protocols and the plastics and harmful reagent waste collected. When using BioEcho Kits 70% plastics is saved compared to bind-wash-elute Kits, also not polluted with harmful reagents, which need to be disposed of at higher costs.

Less Waste, Reduced Costs

The market of Genomic Sample Preparation has reached a volume of approximately 3 Bn € in 2019[1]. Per year, close to 2 Bn kit based DNA and RNA extractions are performed. Based on these numbers, the worldwide amount of lab waste can be calculated to more than 27.000 tons annually[2]. With traditional products using harmful reagents such as guanidine hydrochloride and organic solvents, such lab waste needs to be entirely disposed of under controlled conditions resulting in disposal costs of ~43.000.000 € worldwide[3] today.

BioEcho will help to reduce these enormous costs and ecological burden significantly. With a global switch to BioEcho kits, 16.000 tons of plastic lab waste and even 38.000.000 € of costs could be avoided (see figure).

Mass of plastic waste and correlated costs for nucleic acid extraction. The plastics consumption waste and correlated disposal costs were calculated for the widely used Silica (bind-wash-elute) technology (left) and BioEcho´s single-step technology

No Organic Solvents, No Toxic and Corrosive Reagents, No Environmentally Problematic Waste

The nucleic acids bind-wash-elute extraction methods applied since 30+ years require the use of highly concentrated denaturing guanidine solutions and organic solvents such as ethanol or even phenol/chloroform. Already from the early onset of their idea of a novel extraction technology, the founders of BioEcho had the intention to put an end to the use of such hazardous chemicals. Therefore, they not only focused on improving detection sensitivity and to time savings but also on strictly applying only reagents that are non-harmful.

Packaged Plastic-Free and Sustainably

Furthermore, our goal is to reduce plastics in packaging of our products wherever possible. Thus, all components of a kit are plastic-free and the kit boxes as well as the outer packaging is of FSC-certified cardboard. BioEcho avoids blister packaging. Instead, reagent and centrifugation tubes are filled in starch-based bags. Only the tubes and plates themselves continue to be plastic-based, usually polypropylene. As soon as available, we aim at replacing these with components produced from compostable or recycled materials.

Our Products Travel Environmentally Friendly to You

And, finally, a word on shipping via parcel service providers: both volume and weight of our kits are 3 to 5-fold lower compared to bind-wash-elute products. So, you will not only free up lots of space in your lab but also help reducing parcel service tours significantly! Your further contribution to an improved pollutant balance and protection of our environment…!

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[1] Nucleic Acid Isolation and Purification Market […] - Global Forecast to 2020. marketsandmarkets, November 2015

[2] Weight of plastics and reagents of a 50 rxn Kit each (Silica, Supplier Q and EchoLUTION Kit) have been set into relation of the worldwide rxns performed 2020 and extrapolated.

[3] Kind of lab waste and respective prices 2019, Vienna waste management (Wienenergie)
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